First meeting of the creators of the PACA Incubators

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In an effort to develop the network for project managers still further, the 3 public incubators in PACA wanted to organise a one-day meeting for their young creators.

200 companies and more than 1000 jobs created in the PACA region

Since their creation, between 1999 and 2001, PACA incubators have supported and promoted the creation of 200 companies in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region.
These 200 companies have generated more than 1,000 highly skilled jobs in our area.


The only source of finance before the creation of the company, incubators allow the development of research through the creation of innovative companies.

As local economic actors, they encourage the creation of highly skilled jobs in our area. For 10 years incubators Impulse, Belle de Mai and Paca-Est have been supporting the creation of innovative companies from or backed by French public research. Training researchers in entrepreneurship, surrounding them with people from a management or marketing background are part of the specific skills of incubators. In contrast, taking a project manager from the private sector to research laboratories is also one of their missions.

In 10 years the 3 incubators certified by the Ministry of Research have supported 292 projects to create businesses.


Incubators Impulse, Belle de Mai and Paca-Est increasingly pool activities to serve projects. By nature very different from each other, PACA incubators make their network of contacts and training available to all incubated projects.

On the occasion of the 200th innovative business, PACA incubators go further and for the first time bring together all the creators at the same event for a day of meetings and management training. This daylong event enabled innovative entrepreneurs to exchange information on shared problems through management training conducted by the Director of Marineland, Jon Kershaw and a privileged encounter with dolphins.

85% of the companies supported by PACA incubators are still in business 5 years after their creation while the percentage for most companies that survive five years barely reaches 50%.

The activity and the results of PACA incubators put our region in 3rd place after Rhône-Alpes and Greater Paris in terms of projects supported, and also in terms of business and jobs created.

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