Interview with Nicolas Dalmasso, SimplySim founder

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SimplySim founder, Nicolas Dalmasso, who was supported by the Paca-Est Incubator from November 2007 to November 2009, talks about his experience as an entrepreneur following the acquisition of his start-up by the OPTIS group.

Caroline Boccioli: Can you tell us about SimplySim?
Nicolas Dalmasso: SimplySim is a software publisher based in Sophia Antipolis specialised in real-time 3D immersion. Created in April 2008, the company was incubated for 2 years by Paca-Est incubator, enabling it not only to develop its technology, but also to acquire its first customers, including Microsoft Corp. and Orange Labs Japan. Quickly backed by Oséo and having benefited from two CNCE awards (emerging and creation-development), in June 2010, SimplySim was able to launch the first version of its product, SimplyCube, which allows you to quickly and easily create high quality 3D applications (simulation, "serious games", training).

CB: What is the basis for the project?
ND: Initially, the aim of its three founders (Bertrand Copigneaux, Nicolas Oudit and Nicolas Dalmasso) was to democratise the use of 3D, notably on the robotic simulation market. Upon completing our studies in 2007, and having identified the need of some of our "future" customers for 3D simulation, we decided to create SimplySim in order to develop our own technology.

CB: What is your innovation all about?
ND: There are several facets to our innovation. First of all, SimplyCube's simulation motor, which enables you to manage object dynamics, uses physical motors without being linked to any one of them. In other words, the application adapts to your needs (realism or performance). Next, thanks to many tools such as visual programming, integrated content and graphic editors, SimplyCube is accessible to any user, even 3D novices. Lastly, thanks to its SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) that intensively uses WebServices, applications created with SimplyCube are highly interactive (users can interact with any object in the environment: TVs, lights, doors, etc.).

CB: Why did you want to be supported by Incubateur Paca-Est?

ND: When we decided to found SimplySim after graduating, we didn't have any experience or knowledge in creating a company, and we knew even less about financing. We were nevertheless determined and had heard about Incubateur Paca-Est through the "Challenge Jeunes Pousses" (that we won in 2007). Once our candidacy was validated, Incubateur Paca-Est made office space available to us and gave us financial assistance along with a lot of advice which has helped us throughout our journey and still today. Paca-Est incubator notably enabled us to obtain the CNCE (editor's note: French National Competition for the Creation of Innovative Companies and Technologies conducted by the Ministry for Research and OSEO) twice and to realise our first contracts with Microsoft Corp., while also placing us in contact with investors.

CB: SimplySim has just been bought by the Optis Group. What do you think the future has in store for you?
ND: The OPTIS Group is a software publisher and the global leader in physics-based digital simulation solutions and in virtual prototyping dedicated to lighting systems, perceived quality and human machine interfaces.
The purchase of SimplySim by Optis is beyond positive for us. A specialist in rendering, simulation and robotics, SimplySim offers OPTIS the potential to integrate its new offer of real-time products into a cutting-edge 3D platform.
We will be able to continue to develop with much greater means and, more importantly, all the experience of the Optis group. Having many common customers and synergies, I am convinced that this sale will give SimplySim a new lease on life and bestow the Optis group with great assets.
The acquisition of SimplySim by the OPTIS group is testimony to a common strategy and vision. With more than 20 years of experience and its position as global leader, OPTIS represents a stable and reliable environment in which our company can grow and develop the most innovative virtual solutions on the market. SimplyCube virtual reality platform, associated with OPTS' physical approach, will deliver an innovative solution to a multitude of industries and will change the way users interact with 100% virtual prototypes.

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