Signing of the agreement with ValorPaca

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ValorPACA and Incubators in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region formalise their partnership to support the creation of Innovative Companies.

Since 9th October 2009, the partnership between research development and support for the creation of businesses has been the subject of an agreement in the PACA region.

The PACA, Impulse, Belle de Mai and Paca-Est incubators, and the structure responsible for exploiting the results of public regional research, ValorPaca, have signed a partnership agreement.

These entities are major players in exploiting the results of public research and are links in the chain of innovation, intervening at different time scales in the life of a business creation project, (Development, Incubation, Nurseries).

This partnership is therefore intended to enable better continuity in the monitoring of projects, to involve incubators in the early stages of development and facilitate financial backing for research laboratories for projects from the private sector.

→ ValorPACA : Enhance the results of public research to meet the needs of businesses.

ValorPACA is a structure facilitating technology transfer from research to industry. Its main tasks are to:

  • Coordinate the search for development projects in public research laboratories in the PACA region
  • Support these projects during their development phase
  • Promote the transfer of technology to support the creation of innovative companies and meet the innovation needs of industry

→ PACA Incubators: Support the creation of innovative companies

Incubation in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur includes three additional incubators: Belle de Mai, Impulse and the Paca-Est Incubator. Their mission is to support the creation of innovative companies in line with public research to promote job creation. Complementing one another, Belle de Mai, operates throughout the area and specialises in the IT and Communication industry while Impulse and Paca-Est are proficient in most subject areas and share the PACA region (the 4th, 5th, 13th and 84th Departments for Impulse, and the 6th and 83rd for Paca-Est).

Historically and structurally different, the three incubators pool some resources and develop many joint actions for the benefit of the managers of incubated projects: training, communication, support sector and networks.