Business incubators and Government research programmes

This support concerns projects resulting from or supported by a government research laboratory.




This collaboration with a laboratory, wherever it may be based in France, and regardless of the topic, must be registered officially during the 18-month incubation period. It provides the company with a scientific differentiation for its products, technology, market entry and business models.


This means that even before the company is created, the supported project can benefit from financial aid: the provisional ‘incubation’ budget. The amount and use of this budget will be set as soon as the startup enters the incubator programme.


Allocated in the form of a refundable advance, it can be used to finance costs related to creating the company (legal, strategic, marketing, communications, intellectual property, technology, etc.) or to pay for external service providers. These services are paid directly by the entrepreneur on behalf of the project, until the advance has been entirely used up. The business managers help the entrepreneurs in choosing and managing the work of the service providers.


To be eligible for this support, the company must not yet have been created.  However leeway is granted if the articles of association were filed 6 months prior to the date of the executive committee.