The ARDAN initiative

The ARDAN initiative is a CNAM service that combines professional training and recruitment assistance. A solution to add a new key skill to your team.

  • Who is eligible?

Business owners of VSE, SME-SMI, trades or non-profit organisations created more than a year ago, which are financially sound (the selection criteria are flexible and applications are reviewed on a case by case basis), and who are in need of a new skill (to enter a market, implement an innovation for a product or process, an export opening, or quality process, etc.) or simply setting up a new business.

  • How does it work?

The entrepreneur will hire an employee, the ‘project manager’, who must be a registered job seeker, with or without paid unemployment benefits.
The employee will have the status of ‘professional trainee’ for the duration of the project (6 months).
The net financial cost for the company will be €5,500 for the 6 months.
The project manager’s salary will include benefit payment from the Employment Centre or a lump sum compensation paid by the PACA Regional Council if no unemployment benefit is paid, and in all cases is topped up by a monthly bonus of €460 net.
The project manager will receive training from CNAM for a total of 14 days spread over 6 months and will have a training budget of €1500 to spend with a certified training agency.

Paca-Est Incubator will provide support to the ‘project manager’ during the project, including mentoring if required.
Although there is no obligation to do so, the job will ideally continue at the end of 6 months.

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