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  • :ETH Zurich, Polytech'Nice / LEAT

3D+F is a project which enables 3D on smartphones and tablets using almost no additional power consumption when compared to a 2D tablet or smartphone (720p HD: 1%, 1080p HD: 2%). Its innovative VLSI architecture significantly reduces time to market.

Mission Statement:

We are a startup venture that designs and markets secured end-to-end solutions in 3D video broadcasting for smartphones and tablets.

Our innovative, breakthrough and patented technology is committed to overcoming the limitations of existing 3D solutions in terms of design effort, time-to-market, and cost, with almost no loss of battery life compared to 2D technologies.

By integrating our solutions, mobile makers and content management companies will boost their ability to offer end users high quality mobile auto-stereoscopic 3D (no glasses).