Black Box Secu


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  • :I3S Université de Nice - CNRS

Creation of mini box (vocoder) which provides E2E secure voice communication on fixed, mobile and internet networks using On-the-Fly Encryption (OFTE).

The project proposes secure voice communication solution, fully compatible with various transmission systems (Mobile, Fixed, Satellite and Internet networks). Our product - called “Cipher BOX” or “CBOX” - is a mix of an independent hardware and the state of the art, military grade, high level software encryption algorithms. The system performs digital encryption and decryption of audio signal directly at the source (mouth) and destination (ear). It is very efficient and easy to operate, regardless the transmission medium (mobile phones, landline, PC, laptops, satellite phones, etc.), mobile telecom technology (2G/3G/LTE,5G…) or transmission channels (Packet Data communication, Voice channels communication) used for voice communication.

Today, most of the secure voice communication solutions are based on applications (installed on mobile devices) or on dedicated secured phones. All of them have some important weakness. Our solution is unique and we bring important competitive advantages with our product.

Based on BYOD ("Bring Your Own Device “) model, our concept is very innovative and represents a significant breakthrough solution among existing secure communication systems.