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  • :Innovative City (Emerging Research Unit 005 at the Polytech’Nice college, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis).

The F-REG project aims to develop innovative solutions to regulate run-off water and limit the flooding caused by the hardscaping of urban developments and roadways.
Based on expertise in network operation, the solution will calculate dimensions and implement linear storage solutions for run-off water.
The system works thanks to the use of a valve installed downstream from a storage area. It acts as both collector nozzle (limiting flow) and a security overflow. Combined with large-dimension pipes, it allows for the storage of run-off water under the road, even on a slope, avoiding the need for additional land.

Not only does the system control rainwater run-off at source, with the alternative types of technology, the F-Reg also offers another resource, between traditional retention on a plot of land and transfer pipes that carry run-off water away to the outlet as quickly as possible.
When this solution is installed in a rainwater network, it allows for much more flexible, dynamic regulation, evening out peaking in the network thanks to short-duration linear storage (lasting less than one hour). In this way, the collection network can function in a manner that is much closer to run-off in the natural environment with fewer devastating floods.

The F-Reg valve, combined with the use of large-dimension pipes, can also regulate the retention of water thanks to the open/shut mechanism that makes it adaptable to a range of situations.