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In our digital age, information is increasingly sent by wireless links, most of which take place indoors, in offices or homes. In order to extend the coverage of the electromagnetic waves indoors, which is often poor, drastically limiting the service quality, it is of necessary to use repeaters or femtocells. These always emit more waves in the environment, use a great deal of energy and have a sub-optimal use of the radio frequency spectrum.

The GreenerWave concept is to develop reconfigurable electromagnetic surfaces which behave like intelligent mirrors, and concentrate the pre-existing electromagnetic energy, found in systems such as the WiFi boxes or the base stations of telecommunications providers, to data receiver devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). Our solution does not emit additional electromagnetic, uses very little energy and considerably improves reception (several multiples of 3dB) simply by optimising the existing electromagnetic waves.

GreenerWave therefore offers a passive eco-friendly solution to improving performance quality and the service quality of wireless communications. In the future, GreenerWave would like to propose intelligent mirrors that can be intergrated into furniture, construction materials, decorative objects and fabrics, thereby participating in the housing of the future. In addition to being thermally and acoustically smart, it would also be electromagnetically smart.


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