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Inalve is developing an ingredient based on microalgae with immuno-stimulant properties aimed at fish farmers with a production cost of € 1K per tonne.

On a global level, demand is soaring for protein-rich ingredients, especially in the animal feed sector. Fish consumption has doubled in thirty years. The boom in fish farming has enabled this consumption to be sustained. However, the industry is facing a growing shortage and an explosion in the price of the staple feed, fish flour. Microalgae are an alternative to these flours.
The company's purpose is twofold: to create an innovative process for mass-producing microalgae and to produce microalgae as staple ingredients for fish farming.
Founded on April 2016, the company was awarded a prize in a national competition to help innovative start-ups (i-LAB) in 2015 and a world prize for innovation in 2016.