Infini Automation

Science de l'ingénieur

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  • :University of Nice / CNRS : LEAT (Laboratoire d’Electronique, Antennes et Télécommunications).

Infini Automation designs and uses smart home objects.
The ultimate goal is to replace manual controls with smart switches in every room in the house.
The switch can manage lighting, temperature, roller blinds and also smart objects (scales, weather station, camera etc.), as the external developers can offer their applications in HTML 5.

You can also control your home remotely using a web or smartphone app.
The switch both displays notifications (fire alarm, weather warning, information coming from smart sensors etc.) and asks questions of users. Scenarios can also be created.

Particular attention is given to energy savings thanks to a learning algorithm. It will start by learning your habits (the time you get up, leave the house, return home, eat dinner etc.) and will then be able to move to the optimisation phase (depending on what it is used for and environmental conditions).

By detecting anomalies or pausing power-hungry devices during consumption peaks and turning them on again when renewable energy is available, the user can be encouraged to consume less.