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Nively is developing AssetTrace, a software capable of identifying spatiotemporal conditions in real time, and generating an analytical localisation to help health organisations improve management operations and reduce cost by using interactive analytical reasoning features, by using data about the location and use of resources and staff.

AssetTraces uses technology traditionally used for large geographic databases, by applying data collected by Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and on equipment life cycles.
The result is a service for health professionals, but not exclusively, which is designed to help hospitals improve their performances and safety while reducing the purchasing levels and operational costs.
The planned solution is characterised by an interoperable standard support for the different RTLS to locate devices and people.
AssetTrace is used as a middleware technology specifically developed as a software infrastructure to manage location and asset management data.
AssetTrace also enables objects and people to be located inside and outside of buildings in total transparency.


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