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ActiveEon is an open source provider in the areas of parallel, distributed and cloud computing and offers solutions for accelerating and scaling applications. The company was founded in 2007 and is located in Sophia Antipolis. ActiveEon is the result of the INRIA’s co-development of innovative distributed computing software: ProActive Parallel Suite® (, a complete solution which combines a library of Java parallel programming frameworks, a job scheduler and a resource manager. This portable (Linux, Windows, MacOS) software suite efficiently utilizes the company’s available hardware resources and remains independent of the underlying infrastructure, while uniting desktop PCs, multi-core servers, clusters, grids and clouds. ActiveEon offers high value-added services including training, consulting, development, integration and subscription.
ActiveEon has developed numerous technological partnerships with software designers and integrators, such as HP, Oracle, Sun and Microsoft®. Target application areas are varied and include a number of sectors, such as IT consulting, finance, industry, life sciences, telecommunications, as well as academic research and government institutions. In addition, ActiveEon continues its efforts in R&D, particularly through collaborative projects such as FUI AGOS, ANR COSINUS OMD2, FP7 EU TEFIS.