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RFIDEAL has given itself two major objectives:
1/ To reduce assembly costs for RFID labels
2/ To support the deployment of RFID applications by increasing production capacities


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Founded in 2008, RFIDeal is an engineering office working in the field of integrated circuit packaging technology, particularly for RFID applications.
Our primary mission is to redefine, reinvent and continually improve RFID label manufacturing processes.
We work on improving the RFID label manufacturing process for both HF and UHF standards.

RFIDEAL has two specific objectives:
1/ To reduce assembly costs for RFID labels and

2/ To increase RFID label production capacities.

These objectives are a response to increased demand in a rapidly growing market. Our customers, RFID label manufacturers, announced in 2009 that they wanted to increase production capacity by five or even ten times over just a three-year period.

Using traditional methods, the thirty leaders would have to invest an average of €15 - €20M in machines.

The RFIDeal solution offers:
* A TEN-fold reduction in investment: only €1.5M against €15 to €20M in machines!),
* Competitive local production giving the company a societal role),
* 60% reduction in production costs,
* Ecological manufacturing, reduced carbon footprint, etc.

After a first 'industrial production' phase on behalf of label manufacturers as of 2011, RFIDeal will develop the technology licensing model.