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  • :- Laboratory of Oral Microbiology (LOM URE01), Faculty of Odontology, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis - Odontology pole, University Hospital (CHU) Nice - Laboratory specialized in aroma and bioactive molecule research (LCMBA), CNRS, UMR6001

Improving oral health and nutrition


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Solidages develops products to improve oral health and nutrition.

These patented discoveries are the result of university hospital research.
These products improve the symptoms of two currently neglected diseases: malnutrition and the early stages of dry mouth.

Solidages received 5 awards in 2009, including the Ministry of Research’s innovative company award.

The 1st product made available in June 2010, Protibis, is a high protein, high calorie cake. Protibis is the 1st solid nutritional supplement which can be chewed regardless of oral health status.
Solidages’ customers include chronic disease sufferers (AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, and addictions), hospitalized patients, and the elderly, living independently or in nursing homes. The market represents 4.2 million people in France.