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  • :Costech research laboratory - Université de Technologie de Compiègne.

W3R is a collective intelligence cyber-democracy platform designed to facilitate exchange between citizens and their elected representatives, indeed between all parts of society (companies, employees, unions and of course between citizens themselves) for the creation of a rich and sustainable world. The platform has been set up as a social network and works on a serious gaming model. It takes the form of a virtual republic made up of cyber ministries which put the citizen at the heart of its system of governance.

Individual citizens may take part in the drawing up and development of the constitution, referendums, election of the Cyber President, Ministers, Mayor and so on. They may raise society's issues for debate or join existing debates, put forward civic initiatives and/or take part in activities such as cleaning up a beach, giving blood, starting a petition or restoring a monument. All this takes place within a game environment in which creativity can flourish but with the aim of real world impact.