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Bewave is a project begun by ubinode, whose objective is to improve energy efficiency in buildings by taking their use and technical constraints into account.

With backgrounds in software for telecommunication networks, Beewave’s 3 founders created the project based on a simple observation: the number and variety of sensors in a commercial, industrial or residential building continuously increases, becoming impossible to manage in the absence of a centralized system.

Bewave provides an integrated solution for networks of smart objects, as well as standardized interfaces for application services. Bewave’s first applications are intended for home energy management and energy audits and diagnostics.


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ubinode provides a software platform for administrating and modeling networks of sensors and for managing the associated data.

ubinode's solutions target businesses who perform service contracts involving the use of sensors for decision making.

Thus the notion of a service contract between the network operators and the value-added service providers is inevitable and introduces reciprocal obligations, such as providing a high performance sensor network in order to offer quality services.

ubinode offers solutions to address this issue and meet basic needs:
-Understand the structure and state of the network
-Manage the network entirely, through data and by understanding and classifying errors
–Fulfill the performance conditions of the service contract associated with the network infrastructure

Many application areas are possible: the integration into a SmartGrid type system, building management and monitoring…