The ESA BIC: the European Space Agency’s Incubator

The Business incubator is a founding member of the ESA BIC, and therefore supports technology and knowledge transfer from the space sector to the non-space sector.


The ESA BIC Sud France is an innovative business incubator accredited by the European Space Agency (ESA).




Its objective is to encourage the transfer of technology and related services from the space sector to other sectors, by creating startups, therefore allowing this technology to expand the range of applications.


For selected projects, ESA provides a financial and technological contribution of up to €50K, subject to conditions.


The ESA BIC Sud France includes 9 organisations in 3 regions of France, which share the tools and methods to promote the development of these companies.


The Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES) contributes to this programme by providing 80 hours of advice tailored to the entrepreneurs, as well as giving access to several of their tools and platforms. Around 15 companies a year receive support from ESA BIC Sud France.