Tailored support

The business incubator adapts its support to the specific nature of each project.

ACCOMPAGNER Au plus près du projet

Depending on the project's characteristics, its level of maturity and the critical points identified, the Business incubator team will draw up a specific support programme in agreement with the entrepreneur over an 18-month period.

This will include skills development, training courses, work methodology sessions, discussions, etc.


In addition, the Business incubator has offices for its operational teams in the Sophia Antipolis CEEI* (Business centre), Toulon (TVT Innovation) and Nice (CEEI NCA) to make it easier to support the entrepreneurs in their home base.



A training programme will be devised for each new entrepreneur accepted:

  • Mandatory collective training programmes (strategy, preparation for fund raising, management, pitching, etc.) paid for by the business incubator.
  • Training courses on a choice of subjects (sales prospection, negotiating with key accounts, etc.), deducted from the project’s provisional budget.


DEVELOPMENT through access to external resources

The incubator also calls on external suppliers suitable for the project, to provide support on a range of topics, such as drafting and submitting patent applications, marketing campaigns, recruitment process, communication tools, etc.

The business manager helps entrepreneurs to define their specifications, identify and select their service providers and manage the project.


*European Business and Innovation Centre (EBIC)